Lunging Witch With Digit Eyes

Lunging Witch With Digit Eyes

Lunging Witch With Digit Eyes

The Glowing Eyes of the 72-inch Lunging Digiteye Witch Animated Prop are brought to life digitally with patented Digiteye technology! She lunges at unsuspecting people as they pass by, reaching out with a gnarly hand as if to drag them into her cold embrace. Her other hand hold a creepy skull-topped staff! Her face is made of artfully sculped latex with a Moving Mouth that adds a life-like look to an already incredibly realistic Animatronic Prop. With a crackling Voice she Speaks one of Four spine-tingling Phrases:

Phrase #1: "Well hellooo! You don't happen to have some candy for a sweet little old lady do you? Give it to me!! You're too fast for me, but I'll get it next time, ah haha haha ha."

Phrase#2: "Do you not fear ugly witches? Perhaps you should, since one poisonous touch from me will wither your soul- Gotcha! ah hahahaha! Ah, you escaped my grasp, for now!"

Phrase #3: "Want to play a game of tag? If I catch you, I get to turn you into a Toad! Abra Cadabra! Ooh, drat! Judging by the speed you jumped back, perhaps you are part Toad already! He he he!"

Phrase #4: "Excuse me, can you help a sweet old lady find her cauldron? I can't seem to find it anywhere. I GOT YA!! Ooh, he he he! Oh, if you weren't so fast, you'd be in my cauldron right now!"

Phrase #5:  "(assorted laughs and cackles)"

Three activation options include, Steady-On, Infra-red Sensor, or Step-Here Pad. There is also a Volume Control so you can adjust to your surroundings. The Included Universal Adapter has 4 changeable plugs and works in USA, UK, Germany and Australia.

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Features Her life-size stance greets the eyes of all who dare to pass her by
Animated eyes using Patented DigitEye technology look around creating an unprecedented life-like appearance
Universal adapter with 4 changeable plugs; works in USA, UK, Germany and Australia
Includes 3 activation options and volume control
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