Lunging Reaper W Digit Eyes

Lunging Reaper W Digit Eyes

Lunging Reaper W Digit Eyes

He always knows when your time has come! The 6-foot Lunging Reaper Animated Prop with patented Digiteye technology will add the element of surprise to your next Haunted Scene! His amazing pale eyes appear to look around, and his Mouth Moves as he says 4 scary phrases:

Phrase #1: "Want to play a game of tag? If I catch you, you have to give up your soul! Aarr!! You're faster than you look. But don't worry, I'll get that soul one way or another!"

Phrase #2:  "Do you think that you can sneak past the reaper? I always know when your time has come…Gotcha!! Hahahaha Lucky for you, it's not your time…yet hahahaha!"

Phrase #3:  "The living never think that their lives will come to an end, but all it takes is one touch from me – ooh hoo hahah!! You have escaped my grasp…for now hahahaha!"

Phrase#4:  "I have come to guide one of you into the afterlife. Come into my embrace and meet your fate!! Hahhaha don't worry, I will return for you soon enough!"

Holding his Plastic Scythe, at the moment you least suspect, The Reaper Lunges toward you! Three activation options include, Steady-On, Infra-red Sensor, or Step-Here Pad. There is also a volume control so you can adjust to your surroundings. Constructed of durable metal rods that snap together, this piece is easily assembled in less than 30 minutes.

The included Universal Adapter has 4 interchangeable plugs, and works in the USA, UK, Germany, and Australia.

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SKU MR124910
Features Reaper's soft latex face and mouth move realistically as he speaks
Speaks Four Phrases
Light-Up Digital Eyes
Includes 3 activation options and volume control
Sudden Lunging Action
Part number 824579
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